May 2018

Why Industrial Electrician Is Better Than Residential Electrician

Regardless of what kind of business you own, finding a licensed industrial electrician is highly important since they can help you boost the productivity of your business. However, always keep in mind that we, industrial electricians, specialize in handling electrical systems in commercial establishments as well as big corporate buildings.

Residential Electricians Vs. Industrial Electricians

There’s a big difference between residential electricians and industrial electricians. The former focuses mainly on home’s electrical systems, while the latter concentrates on more complex electrical systems, which are often found in big structures and in some events. So, if there’s an electrical task that needs to be done in big companies, I would say to call the right type of electrician. If the task is relatively simple, which is the case in most homes, the right person for it would be a residential electrician. For bigger and more intricate projects, on the other hand, the right electrician for the job is a commercial electrician.

How Much Does An Industrial Electrician Earn?

When it comes to paying, industrial electrician salary is bigger compared to that of residential electricians. Handling bigger and advanced electrical systems is no joke. If we have to deal with such electrical systems, we need to have the skills and experience in order to make them work properly.

How To Become An Industrial Electrician?

Speaking of skills and experience, anyone who wishes to become a professional commercial electrician must first undergo industrial electrician training. They need to learn everything they can in order to perform their tasks safely and professionally. To start the training, they must be a high school graduate. Familiarity with basic electrical concepts is a bonus. During the apprenticeship program, they will spend some time in the classroom to get the basic ideas on different electrical systems. Of course, while knowledge is not enough, they will also apply what they know by means of hands-on activities. They will also have their on-job training to further develop their skills and gain new insights on the job. Once they have passed all the required subjects in the course, they will graduate and earn a diploma. However, in order to become a licensed industrial electrician, they must take an examination to assess their skills. Once they passed this exam, they are given license to operate, either as an independent contractor or corporate electrician.

Opportunities For Industrial Electricians

Remember that the industrial electrician job description is to work on advanced electrical systems. It may either be for business establishments, events, or infrastructures. They can still work on home electrical systems, but they’re more on the bigger ones. As mentioned before, industrial electricians may work as an independent contractor or as a hired corporate electrician. They may also put up their own business and hire other electricians. They only need to apply for a business permit in order to operate. On the other hand, if they prefer to work as a company electrician, they just need to submit an industrial electrician resume and undergo a few processes before being hired by the company. If you wish to become a licensed electrician today, find a school that offers electrical courses and start training as one today.

Become A Professional Through Electrician Apprenticeships

One of the most effective ways in becoming an electrical expert nowadays is taking electrician apprenticeships. This program allows a person to learn and earn at the same time. Although there are many high school graduates who would prefer to go to college, apprenticeship programs, in my opinion, offer direct employment and just learn on the job. Every apprenticeships electrician can be of big help to many electrical contractors, such as myself. Though they are only given limited tasks, their role in every electrical project already means a lot to our projects. Furthermore, they get more exposed to various electrical works, giving them more experience in the field. There are many apprenticeships electrician jobs offered in many places. However, some electrical jobs are complicated and it would be impossible for you to work on such projects unless you are thoroughly instructed.

Becoming An Apprentice Electrician

Now, how can you become an apprentice electrician? First, you need to look for an organization of electricians and electrical contractors. There are these associations that offer apprenticeships for electrician trainees. Once you have chosen a group to join in, they would gladly welcome you. However, before the union would officially sponsor you for apprenticeship, you may have to comply some of them. Usually, the union would only require their applicants to be high school graduates and should be at least 18 years old.

What To Expect During Apprenticeship?

Once you have officially enrolled, you will be having 144 hours of classroom instructions and learn whatever you can about electricity as well as electrical systems. You also need to have 2000 hours of on-the-job training in order to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and, at the same time, learn new things. You would also get an annual salary of $20,000 to $22,000 during the training. The apprenticeship training program usually takes 4 years, and you get to learn and earn at the same time. Now, that’s a great advantage, especially for people who need to land a job right after they graduate from high school.

Continuing As A Professional

After the apprenticeship program, you would then receive a professional’s license and be known as a professional electrician. You could continue to perform various electrical jobs depending on your specialization.

Now, What Is This Specialization?

During the apprenticeship program, you can choose which specialty you would like to take. You may want to be a linesman, a construction wireman, or become an integrated building system contractor. Whichever specialization you choose, you are sure to have a good income in the end.

Other Alternatives Besides Apprenticeship

The electrician apprenticeships in Birmingham allow you to learn and earn at the same time. Nevertheless, there is another option in becoming an electrical expert. You could study at a local college or trade school and take an electrical-related course. You may have to spend more time in the classroom. But still, before you could graduate, you are still required to undergo on-the-job training so that you could put your knowledge into application. The course only takes at least 4 years. Once you’ve graduated, you could choose whether to work as an employed electrician or as an independent contractor.

How To Be A Master Electrician

In order to be a master electrician, check out electrician goldcoast website you need to be willing to study a lot and have years of experience in the field first. Just like any other electrician courses, you need to start by finishing your high school diploma first. Since you’re aiming to be a master in your field, you want to make sure that you take all the necessary sources that are related to your field during your high school years. Courses such as mathematics, sciences, physics, shop working with electrical components and blueprint reading will give you the necessary skills you need to succeed later in this exciting career. Next, you can either study in a community college or technical school to get your associate’s degree in electronics. Once you finished that, it’s time to apply for an apprenticeship program. Since you have already finished your classroom works (associate’s degree in electronics), your apprenticeship should only last for 2 years. If you prefer not to study in a community college, you can just apply for the normal 4-5 years apprenticeship program.

Be A True Master and Increase Your Earning Potential

Once you’re done with your apprenticeship, you need to take and pass a written test before you can get certified and licensed. You can learn more about this by asking your apprenticeship supervisor. Once you’re licensed, you can work as a licensed electrician in Broadbeach and start making a living. However, if you wish to pursue a better position and get a better salary, you need to further your education so that others will recognize you as a master in your profession. To do this, you need to continue your education and earn a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. Exam requirements can vary from state to state. Basically, you need to have a couple of years of experience working as a journeyman electrician. For more accurate details, be sure to check with your local electrical licensing authority. When you passed the exam, you will be a licensed or certified master electrician–your earning potential will be so much better than an ordinary electrician. As an elite electrician, you will be responsible for installing and maintaining the complex circuitry and wiring. Your primary growth areas will usually involve the installation and operation of computer-based video, audio, and data processing systems. Nevertheless, you’re still required to keep up with changes in building codes and related regulations.